Casey’s Story - rehabilitace (eng)

23. 10. 2020, 10:03

Casey’s Power Plate® training helps her “feel like a full body”

Meeting Casey for the first time, one is immediately struck by her vibrant, positive and incredibly determined demeanor. Her attitude is truly an inspiration for all that have had a traumatic injury. Casey was only 24 years old when she became paralyzed from the waist down during a MotoCross accident. Three years on, Casey is determined she will walk again and refuses to accept the verdict given to her by the medical team at the time of her accident.

Casey took charge of her destiny by seeking out a team of experts that shared her belief of her possibly being able to walk again. What sets these experts apart from the medical professionals that initially treated her in the hospital is their constant research into new and innovative treatment protocols. They are fully committed to making a difference and willing to try new protocols and training modalities.

Each day they work with Casey with a fresh approach to figuring out her treatment plan. While the journey will be a long one, and is different for everyone with spinal cord injuries, Casey has already made significant progress. Casey attributes some of this progress to her daily Power Plate training. Casey uses the Power Plate for about an hour every day by standing up on the platform and stretching tall and along her back. Casey is able to get herself up from her wheelchairto a standing position on the Power Plate® machine and can feel the vibrations from her head to her toes! To stand on the Power Plate, Casey has it turned on since it makes it “50 billion times easier to stand up” and helps engage her muscles for that first initial “squeeze”. Casey loves using the Power Plate as it “makes everything come alive”. For Casey, the Power Plate makes “everything work together”, as it is stimulating mechanoreceptors in Casey’s body, and activating muscle recruitment while also increasing circulation and maintaining bone density. Retaining muscle tone and bone density are two critical factors for Casey’s being able to achieve her goal to walk again. Not only is her amazing muscle tone a very visible success factor, particularly in comparison to others with a spinal cord injury, Casey is now able to squeeze her tummy muscles, and has been able to activate one hip and quad muscle all on her own!
When Casey looks back at the healthcare team that initially treated her after her accident, she feels upset about their lack of desire to look outside the traditional forms of treatments. From her own research and sheer determination to not accept the text book outcomes, Casey found innovative, promising treatment protocols founded on sound research andproven efficacy.

From Casey’s experience, she would recommend using the Power Plate machine as soon as possible after an injury as it is versatile and enables people to maximize their individual treatment. To have the whole nervous system activated as soon as possible after any form of injury is important. This is the magic she has experienced with the Power Plate. While traditional medical professionals may not advocate things that they have little knowledge about, Casey is proving wrong their limiting beliefs as to what could be possible. Power Plate has given Casey a chance to “feel like a full body again” and fuels her determination to one day achieve her goal of being able to walk again.

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